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Hosted VOiP

BT Switch Off

BT announced back in 2020 they are planning to shut off their PSTN and ISDN phone lines and all current users of the “‘traditional phone systems” will be shifted over to the modern VoIP and SIP Solutions. This is due to completely finish by 2025 but has already started and will continue till 2025. Places like Salisbury and Wiltshire have already being “Switched Off”.

What does that mean for your organisation?

Once BT start on your area, your current PSTN and ISDN phone systems will stop working completely. When this happens then VoIP and SIP systems will become more expensive due to the immediate demand. The advice will be to look at switching soon before the rise in demand and price.


What are your options?

VoIP – A Voice over Internet Protocol, essentially meaning this is a virtual phone system and will be based in a data centre and your calls will routed in and out via the internet.

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol. This is another virtual phone system but can support multi-media communication such as video and conferencing chats over Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

This can lead to cheaper costs for your organisation and improved flexibility with the ability to have staff working from home and staff in the office taking calls from one phone system.

The only real downside is that the VoIP is dependent on your internet connection. So, this connection needs to be reliable. This is when a dedicated lease line is recommended.

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